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About us

"Almaty Attorney" legal firm acts in Kazakhstan since 2009. Our main values - quality of our service and our customers. We work on several specializations where we have a lot of experience and are able to work professionally in high quality. Having behind us many years of experience we can propose our clients working models and also we can develop for them new solutions in full compliance with the law.

Practice Areas

has the intensive practice in the different spheres of legal entities’ operations, the principal activities includ:

Practice Areas

Almaty Attorney

Corporate law

Almaty Attorney provides the services in the sphere of corporate law, including creation of legal entities (their branches, representative offices); supports the transactions on merger and acquisition of the companies and assets; provides the consultations on the corporate governance and general issues of corporate law. AlmatyAttorney has developed and successfully tested the provisions of the internal corporate documents facilitating the settlement of deadlocked situations and overcoming the legislation gaps in sphere of corporate relations.

Almaty Attorney provides the wide range of services on the corporate law:
  • consultations on the different issues of Kazakhstan corporate legislation;
  • legal support of the process for charter capital increase, development of the new Articles of Incorporation and further amendments;
  • registration and legal support of the current operations of the subsidiaries;
  • tailoring the enterprises’ institutional documents;
  • (re)-registration, restructuring of both Kazakhstan and foreign companies under the company’s individual project.
Almaty Attorney


Almaty Attorney provides the services on arrangement of licenses for the different types of activities, including the licenses in the sphere of architecture, city (town) planning and construction, informatization and communication, healthcare, production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products, production of tobacco products.

Almaty Attorney

Due diligence

Almaty Attorney provides the services on due diligence of the companies’ operations for the wide range of the client projects, including the purchase of shares and assets, financing of operations, transfer of the rights and licenses for subsurface use.

Almaty Attorney

Labor issues

The labour issues relate to one of the most intensive spheres of interest for our clients. We develop and prepare the legal expertise of the draft individual and collective labor contracts and regulate the labour issues of the expatriate employees, represent the interests of our clients in the state authorities, arrange the permits for engagement of foreign labor force, provide the consultations for payroll issues, responsibilities of employees and employers, labor safety, compensations, business trips and etc. We solve the non-standard problems not clearly regulated by the current labour legislation. We have the great experience in protection of interests both of employers and employees of the local and foreign companies.

Almaty Attorney

Other projects

AlmatyAttorney legal firm is engaged in translation of texts from different languages into Russian and Kazakh and their notarization, and apostilization of the official documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan to use them abroad.

Almaty Attorney

Our services in the sphere of tax legislation

among others include:

  • presentation of interest in the tax authorities and courts;
  • explanation of the tax legislation;
  • preparation of the tax accounting policies of legal entities-residents and non- residents in the Republic of Kazakhstan, branches and representative office of legal entities in accordance with IFRS;
  • income tax refund from the budget or escrow deposit refund;
  • tax registration of non-residents in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purposes of bank account opening in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • practice of international double taxation avoidance conventions application;
  • residence confirmation at the tax authorities.

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